Monday, 7 April 2014

The End is Nigh

Today i had my last class of my year at Dalhousie, and with only one more exam to go, my time here is well and truly coming to an end. Its an odd feeling having to leave, a feeling of excitement of seeing my family and friends again (it really has been a long time), but it is also sad, because Halifax has been my home for the last year and i dont know how prepared i am to leave it, as well as all of the amazing people i have met here (its lucky really that a lot of them are British and will be returning home with me :P).

But rather than be sad i want to think about all the amazing times i had in Canada, whether it be getting stuck skiing and having a snowmobile come and pick me up, or the Christmas i spent in possibly the coldest place on earth, or having the opportunity to just pop to New York for a weekend and see all the sights.

As well as this though i also want to think of all the cool things i am yet to do. I may finish my year on Thursday but i will be away from England for just over two more months, so i can travel across Canada (2nd biggest country in the world, this will be no mean feat), then head on down to Las Vegas and hopefully not spend all my money, but if i win enough then a limo ride with N*Sync singing 'Bye Bye Bye' is in order. Then to meet a friend from the UK in LA to travel up the West Coast of America, and finally enjoy some sun ;) even though it was a positively scorching 7 degrees here today :P

It has been a great year, and i hope that it continues this way :)

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