Saturday, 15 March 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's

It has been a while since i posted anything, and i think that's because i have just gotten into the rhythm of life here, with studying, seeing my friends and going out. But i did go to New York the other week so i think that i worth talking about :P

So it all started with a very excited me and Finn making our way to the airport where we then got searched endlessly and finally made our way in to the very special US departure lounge, to then make our way to a TINY plane.

We landed in New York and got to Penn Station where we got our first glimpse of the big apple, and it just so happened that the glimpse was on the same road as the empire state building, all lit up for the night. We then got to our hostel, a nice little place that was close to everything and made our way to find some food and then had a walk around Madison Square Garden.

So our first full day started at 8am where i went bleary eyed and barely awake to breakfast at the hostel and then rode the subway for the first time, after much confusion, getting very lost and asking numerous people for help, we finally arrived at central park. We had a wander, not quite knowing where to start due to its sheer size, but we find some interesting things like the Alice in Wonderland statue and a serious squirrel problem, they were everywhere! After this we met the other 4 people we were travelling with and went up the Empire State building, which, if you didnt know, it is really tall! We then went to times square, which i loved! With all the bright lights and people dressed up, and all around there being amazing stores, after spending far too much time in Toys R us, we ventured outside only to see the Hersheys store and the M&M store, all of which required a visit :P.

The next day we explored more of downtown, making our way over the High Line to the go on the Staten Island ferry to see the statue of liberty, which is surprisingly small, i expected her to be ginormous, but no. After which we went to Ground Zero which was quite shocking, i was surprised at how emotional i felt just being there, there is nothing to prepare you for this massive expanse just carved out of the towering new york sky line, and from this you begin to realise completely why America is so thorough when it comes to security. Then we walked down Wall Street, a business persons wet dream! It has everything someone could want from clothes shops next to the offices to having a car dealership at the end, yano, just in case the mood takes you. We then walked half way across Brooklyn Bridge, dont think my legs would have been able to carry me all the way, and then we ventured in to Chinatown to find ourselves some dinner. After a 30 minute power nap we then went on a big night out to the university district where we found a cool bar called Bar None and had a night of drinking and dancing :)

Our final day was spent feeling a little worse for wear, with a hangover from the night before and general tiredness from walking for 2 days straight, and with an expected snow storm, me and Finn retreated to the Natural History Museum where we recounted scenes from Friends and learnt lots of sciencey stuff, as well as making the mistake of lying under the blue whale and not being able to get up again. We then passed by Grand Central Station on the way home and then boarded the wrong train and ended up taking a detour to Queens :P.

I had an amazing time, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, even when i did feel like my legs were going to fall off!

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