Friday, 13 December 2013

Over and done with.

I have finished all of my exams now and have had an amazing few days!

I finished my last exam on the 11th, early on, and i feel it went well so went to Tim Hortons for a celebratory Earl Gray and chocolate chip muffin :P and then had a well deserved nap before being woken up by my neighbour to try and encourage me to be productive and actually clean my flat and pack. After blitzing the kitchen and cleaning all of the pots i had failed to wash during exam time (any excuse ;)) I then went out for a birthday meal with my friends and to say goodbye to my friends that were leaving after this semester.

The next day i then flew to Montreal in a plane i was genuinely terrified to board. One of them ones where you can see the propellers and only hold around 70 people. Look like they need to be jump started. Yeah. One of them. But i shouldn't have been scared really, i made myself fairly at home in the hour and half we spent on the tarmac waiting for a new super strengths blend of anti freeze to be made so they could unfreeze the wings... Only in Canada. But, the perks of this then meant that all food and drink was free on the flight, took advantage of that little gem :P After landing late and finally getting in to our accommodation i conked out in a very toasty room.

Today we then explored Montreal and, not gonna lie, got very very lost. Ended up going for some brunch and then ambling in -21 weather to the metro station, where we got lost again and a kind lady, who ended up being very interesting, helped us at the station and gave us directions to where we wanted to go. That was the Olympic Park which we were told had an ice skating rink in it, but it did not seem to be open so we decided to go up to the observatory, 175metres high and got panoramic views of Montreal, which is very flat... Then on to the biodome which was so interesting, where they mimicked lots of different environments and had animals everywhere and cool plants. We played spot the sloth and waited for ages to see an alligator to move just to make sure they were real. It was extremely strange having monkeys swinging overhead and wondering if they have ever escaped because it is all so open.

All in all a good first day in Montreal and tomorrow should be just as good. Just got to make sure i put some more layers on :P

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